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my name's Red Sneese(; , NAPS DHS
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~Get into Dunman High-got in alr!!!
~Get 260++ for PSLE-Got 258+3
~Get my pink laptop-got alr!!!
~Get my pink psp-dun tink i want anymore
~Get my pink ipod-dun nid,got mp3 in hp.
~Get my ipod base-the speaker thingy-got laptop to play songs
~Get a new phone-iphone most probably(promised by dad)-Got alr
~Pierce new earhole!!!Third time!:O
~My Taiwan dramas~!!!!!
~More new clothes
~More new bags
~More new accessories n stuff...
~More Neos
~More hanging out wif fuens
~Go out many times wif friends in hols
~Get 3.2 and above for GPA
~Go overseas at least once every year
~More new,nice,trueful...fuens
~Rmb all the names of the people in my class by March-know liaos
~Know most of the people by end of yr
~Most ppl to know me by year 2
~More reunions
~Be T0P in everything
~Stay healthy n have safety always
~Good life forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    watching winter sonata now cos am goin to a place in korea whereby they filmed dis show n there're exhibitions abt the show. so if i dun watch then i will be like.i dunno anything when i am there. so am watching now n its really nice. real similar to stairway to heaven too! Hahas. ok n then shopping for holiday!i went to tampines mall on sat aft tuition to buy all the stuff.hahas oh ya.smsed caryn through charm's phone. epic. hahaha. i end up buying irrelevant stuff like pencil case,socks,nail stones etc. HAHA. but i bought the holiday stuff too! Sour plum, plasters,snacks etc.0h snacks. lol.i got one whole big bag now!:O and my grandma keeps saying go holiday where got bring so much stuff de...then how to carry etc...HAHAHA...everytime liddat one lah.buy n bring alot.then end up bring back everything n wait for expiry then throw away...HAHA.but i tink dis time i will eat lah.cos i dislike korean food! So i bring more in case i can't eat my meals:x hahaha...so was damn tired. went shopping arnd tampines mall.hahas.oh i saw freddo.then later i saw jiaxin. haha. ok then monday,which was yesterday.i went to sch to get theatresports consent form before going to parkway. n YAY! i bought new track shoes! yipeee~!!! hahas. new balance AGAIN. haha. but its nice lah.the other brands the designs so-so oni leh...ok damn theatresports...crap.its frm 9am to 6pm.how to survive sia. but then there's dis competition on the 7th.and they're selling tickets to ppl.WOW. so its like...I wanna go! n yay,i am in. but apparently i realise there is a preliminary competition on saturday.so i wonder if i can get through.n if i do, i am gonna miss some rehearsal thingy on the 1st n 2nd cos i am overseas...well...lets see how it goes...but if i am in n all, PLEASE BUY TICKETS PPL!!!:D:D:D haha.marcus is v.nice lah.he said he will sure go if i am participating cos i am his kakak.hahas thanks anik lelaki.but lets see first...hmm...n there is oso smth on the 6th.n i just touch down on 5th.so gonna be damn tiring.haizz...n i am ending so late on saturday sia:x my mum ask me come back earlier n help to pack up n all.well...i did just pack my clothes n everything in the bags just now alr. but apparently the rest of the stuff like bath gel shampoo etc all haven't.oni got plastic bags of clothes in them lehs...hmm...ok.i shall end the post here. hope i survive for thearesports. haha. i wanna watch my winter sonata aft posting on the other blog lerhs...n i dun tink i will have time to come back these few days. cos i needa finish up winter sonata + theatresports take up so much time...so...

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!!:D I'LL MISS U!!! 0h n i saw the news today tat korea has some fights n attacks going on...i hope it will be fine man...so damn scared...pls pls pls nth when i am there...!!!:O

    3:38 AM <3

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    0k yea,so tat was MG reunion. er...jasmine,eleen,jiahui,benedict,arel,jordan and ltk were there wif me. First we met at bugis. ok as usual, our dearest eleen is late. hahas. but not cos she oversleep i tink. she was on her way then supposed to be just alittle late. but smth happened. ok later i shall say. then jiahui went sch in the morning then later rush over so she wld be alittle late de. then jas went to eat breakfast so she wld be late too. so end up i met the rest first. went to check movie timings. ok the movie timings srsly damn suck.+film garde haven't even opened:x we want buy the 11+ movies oso cannot. n they all haven't come yet. so walked back to bugis n check but then all movies at 3 onwards de. damn suck lah.my leg hurts alr somemore.the shoe got problem tat day. then walk back to illuma. contacted eleen they all. eleen's shoe broke! hahas:D epic-ness.so she was dragging n went to buy a new slipper. haha. she was wif jiahui. then jas was still at bedok or smth.so damn uber late. in the end we decided to buy the 1+ megamind movie. no 3D since arel not enough money. then later everyone was here. n i tell u benedict's like a baby. first, he kept calling n rush n say i wann watch the movieee...i wann watch the movieee...then later i am hungry...i wan to eat...i wan to eat...then they run go to macs n started eating first alr:x then i met jas lerhs. macs was damn crowded n no space to sit. cos they renovating then the place became damn small:x so then we waited outside awhile for eleen n jiahui then we went somewhere else. went mos burger in the end. wa the mos burger make until damn nice lurh.they pack it all so nicely. but apparently,i decided i dun really like mos burger:x hahas. then we went to illuma.shop shop abit. then rush to movie. then later came out,they say we can't go arcade cos we're below 16 n its not sch hols yet according to the calendar. we can oni go in aft 6.30pm. wad crap is dis lurh.argued wif the guy tat sec sch hols alr.but he said tats the boss instructions n all. stupid rigid ppl.fine:x then the guys went to bugis arcade.we went to neo print shop. haha. saw tat badge making thingy so went to take neos then use the neos to make. so damn cool lurh!!!:D HAHAS. fun fun fun-filled. n we found out smth then kept disturbing jiahui! haha. ok so now the pics...Again,look frm the bottom.n the other blog is abt marcus's bday celebration.

    the other one.
    the badge.yea i know its blur
    jiahui's ice-cream cone! haha
    hahahaha the flash light so cool!:D
    oops.opposite. anyways,we're 8th position!!:D hahas
    Jasmine's big eyes! haha finally finished dis one.confirmed one.
    my failed bunny ears:(
    SMILE! Dis one is my fav one! hahas:D
    Black and white
    Play piano
    Neo prints.

    All the girls aft the movie(;
    Jiahui n me aft the movie
    Teddy bear n arel waiting to go into the cinema
    Jiahui n me n the doraemon at the arcade!!!
    The super nice mos burger. nice on the outside oni.

    2:50 AM <3

    YAY! My skin is finally done! i actually changed another one but then the photo was removed by photo bucket. YAY! I AM SO HAPPY TAT DIS ONE WORKS OUT! I just redid the entire thing actually, HAHAs. dis skin is awesome!:D YAY! I AM SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPYYYY NOWWW!!!!!:D:D:D

    1:54 AM <3

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    Hello.dis is a short one to let u know dis blog is still alive!hehe^^ i'm too lazy to post.actually wanted to say some stuff but then too lazy.busy watching dramas now. Hahas. tmrw i shall change skin n stuff if i rmb n have time. gdbye!

    7:35 AM <3

    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    changed skin. wei xiao pasta is awesome.shall blog more tmrw.

    7:14 AM <3

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    lalala~today was interclass.we won 1I n 1E . yeah. should cheer.but they were like not tat high n enthu?O.o anyways, first match wif 1I score was 4-1 and 5-3 respectively.then 1E was 2-2 and 5-0 respoectivelyy. jitmin injured,hurt her wrist. kaiting ankle injured. hope they're ok...lalala~ finished our game, went to support the guys. sigh. they shld srsly go support lurh. they're our classmates l0rh.oni shihui n me went. yeah thanks shihui.we have same thinkings:D hahas.ok boys lost to 1A but won 1K. jyjy!:D:D:D i will support u all!!! hahas. toked to BCKM CTYZ n CTCK lots:D:D:D then later everybody was gone.i waiting for my mummy come bring me go parkway.wait super long. was wif two cks! yeah. cks ftw~!hahas. :D:D:D wheeee~!hehe^^ I heaart 25,29,32,34.oh benjamin told me a super cool thingg.add up the two numbers of each of them.there's a srsly cool pattern. hahas!!!:D:D:D

    3:13 AM <3

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    whoa.we're the same as the other blog. hahas. same number of posts. anyways, my blog is REVIVED n REOPEDED! hahas. eoy just ended. lalala~ see the other blog for more info. i decided dis blog shall be abt personal feelings abt stuff n all. while the other one shall be abt events.i shall not start toking now. mayb another day. i wan my taiwan dramas real badly anyways...haiz...ok i shall blog abt my bday party n last day of sch on the other blog on another day. too lazy now. watching personal taste, introduced to me by my dearest eleen!:D:D:D hahas. ok lets tok a little abt ct n ck. sad ct is suddenly getting alittle emo idk why. my new mission tat i am embarking is to make everybody tink positively n smileeee~!:D hahas. i am searching for jokes for ct. but google jokes suck.not funny.haiz..shall bring my little joke bk tmrw. wheeee~!:D hahas. ck arhs. sometimes nice. but when he becomes ut. then not nice. haiz.ct sometimes dao.but sometimes super duper nice. lets just see. ohya,n ... haizz.wif the mask on i srsly dunno.sometimes nice sometimes bad. nice when u need ppl n bad when u dun nid them or wad? i srsly dunno. so many ppl are liddat now. shi hao shi huai. mei ge ren dou dai zhe mian ju,zhen zhen jia jia, jia jia zhen zhen , shui de liao? ...its all in han yu pin yin.smart ppl understand.i can't be bothered to change it into chinese. haiz. ok shall stop here n carry on wif my show. bye ppl! loveya(; leave me a tag abt how u r:D

    4:45 AM <3